Tuesday, November 30, 2010

baby boy

finally dpt gak jdi auntie
excited nk mati dpt ank sdare
maklum la first time dpt..
dh rmai2 nty mula la boring.
awal2 lgi ni lunyai baby tu kna pegang sne pgang sni..

anyway welcome to this world
muhammad qalif haziq!!
auntie loves you very much syg.

nty ble da besa skit kte g disneyland hong kong.
maen game puas2, shopping bju byk2.
sila cpt skit membesa yer baby..

Sunday, November 14, 2010

ghost of ex

dont know why . . .
after text sisie to send my laundry just now,
then i realised that i still miss him.
why so hard to remove and delete all those memory
they haunted me!

how should i tell myself stop thinking of him??
** if he cant stand me at my worse so he didnt deserve me at my best
**what he did to me is his karma and what i react is mine

its almost 5 months and im not ready for love again.
when the time is right, i'll find mr. right.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

being tested

its about 2 weeks i cant update my blog
cz lappy, hp,purse n book hilang.
kna ragut kt mat drug.
syg gile hilang 1 bag.

n me lying on the bed at hsptl kb.
injured at head and hand.

** ya Allah ya Tuhanku
aku terima dgn hati yg terbuka apa yg tlh brlaku pd hri ni
sesungguhnya hanya Engkau shj yg Maha berkuasa

Saturday, October 23, 2010

really excited to update my blog
nk story mory sal yesterday..
woke early in the morning but internet so slow,
so give up nk update blog :(

tga2 syok borak2 wit sisie n mom,
my dad ajk lak p beki kereta LE.
( mybe he thinks im a boy )
dh la xmndi, pkai slua koyak skit n tuttt** xkai..
huhuh tp confident level A++
superb ahhh
lepas anta keta at workshop then went to kfc.
again mkn kfc...ptt la brat bdn da nek skunk ni.
its ok jnji bhagia kn?

borak2 then dgr cite2 owg tua..klaka pon ade gk.

ptg smlm dpt gk g pantai cahaya bulan
photoshoot session n ate seafood!
sis n abg sepu bg greenlight
marvellous delicious sume ade
mkn sotong senyap2 n mom suppose not to know bout this
lau x, bising la 1 rmh nty.
kn pantang la..tu la ini la..mmmm
bile la nk sembuh kaki ni..
i cant keep waiting..

after maghrib, returned home.
b4 dat, tgok sunset at the beach.
so beautiful..
Allah the Almighty.

while watching football match
kelantan vs kedah > congrate kelate,
abg sepu 'massage' my foot
arrhhh painfull
alhamdulillah i can walk normally after that.
its worth it to have the "painful massage".

sorry i cant upload photos this time coz at ofis now.
ni pon cpt2 mkn sbb write this entry.

Friday, October 22, 2010

miss weekender

this morning went to grandma's house but she's not at home
she's at ayah ngah's house
so surprise ngn "pidato" nenek
nagging+babling sbb da lme xg rmh die..
my dad pon kna dgr 'ceramah free' jgk..huhuhu

thanx my lovely sisie n husband ):
you ol make my day **smile
even nk p tgok laut at pcb xjadi
coz of heavy2 traffic at airport
thought there was an accident, but road block..
(mmukkaatt moto = bahaso kelate)
hang out dpn airport pon ok
mkn2 abc n laksa penang pon sodappp glurpppp

** sisie n abg sepu
my pic xupload cz bb ni slow nao

at nite, dinner with family at kfc
n mom had to help me with the wheelchair
>maklum la owg oku
malu lak ade mamat ensem kt sne
aww aww aww

Thursday, October 21, 2010

laundry oh laundry

gonna tell you ol bout what happen diz morning.
so funneh

**brunch at kedai makan kak ta ( mom's fren),
mom, angah, kak ani (pekerja umi) makan mengikut nafsu
poor me> i can ate porridge only coz of accident last week.
so makan pon kena pantang..hishhhh hate diz!
then went to market. *shopping groceries

**after that, went to d' baung laundry to pick up blazer, coat, jacket n sweater
( all belong to big brother )
unfortunately, the shop owner couldnt find those clothes.
sis n mom sent these items about 2 years ago.
n bcz of too bzy with their personal things, lupe nk amik
mmg ptt pon lau bju2 tu hilang ke kna jual ke @ shop owner tu nk dispose
look at mom (she's nerveous) hahahahaha

after a little bit " perang2 mulut" then jmpe la bju2 tu
tgh2 fighting tu, 1 thing across in my mind
we will sue this shop ggggrrrrr
hhahahahhaa yg xley bla bju2 tu dpn mata kterng jer..
da settle sume payment, ask for an apology.
sorry akak yer termarah2 lak..

**moral of the story:
dont send your clothes to laundry shop for a long time
dont be too lazy to clean your clothes.
Most important, mind your words! ):

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


this is my first entry for this blog n seems like i dun know to talk about what.
my previous blog is http//applegreenluck.blogspot.com n due to some reasons,
im no longer update that blog.
i got an accident last wednesday n today still mc.
so i have a plenty of time for blogging...winkwinkwink
thats all for this time..
bye bye bye