Saturday, October 23, 2010

really excited to update my blog
nk story mory sal yesterday..
woke early in the morning but internet so slow,
so give up nk update blog :(

tga2 syok borak2 wit sisie n mom,
my dad ajk lak p beki kereta LE.
( mybe he thinks im a boy )
dh la xmndi, pkai slua koyak skit n tuttt** xkai..
huhuh tp confident level A++
superb ahhh
lepas anta keta at workshop then went to kfc.
again mkn kfc...ptt la brat bdn da nek skunk ni.
its ok jnji bhagia kn?

borak2 then dgr cite2 owg tua..klaka pon ade gk.

ptg smlm dpt gk g pantai cahaya bulan
photoshoot session n ate seafood!
sis n abg sepu bg greenlight
marvellous delicious sume ade
mkn sotong senyap2 n mom suppose not to know bout this
lau x, bising la 1 rmh nty.
kn pantang la..tu la ini la..mmmm
bile la nk sembuh kaki ni..
i cant keep waiting..

after maghrib, returned home.
b4 dat, tgok sunset at the beach.
so beautiful..
Allah the Almighty.

while watching football match
kelantan vs kedah > congrate kelate,
abg sepu 'massage' my foot
arrhhh painfull
alhamdulillah i can walk normally after that.
its worth it to have the "painful massage".

sorry i cant upload photos this time coz at ofis now.
ni pon cpt2 mkn sbb write this entry.

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