Friday, October 22, 2010

miss weekender

this morning went to grandma's house but she's not at home
she's at ayah ngah's house
so surprise ngn "pidato" nenek
nagging+babling sbb da lme xg rmh die..
my dad pon kna dgr 'ceramah free' jgk..huhuhu

thanx my lovely sisie n husband ):
you ol make my day **smile
even nk p tgok laut at pcb xjadi
coz of heavy2 traffic at airport
thought there was an accident, but road block..
(mmukkaatt moto = bahaso kelate)
hang out dpn airport pon ok
mkn2 abc n laksa penang pon sodappp glurpppp

** sisie n abg sepu
my pic xupload cz bb ni slow nao

at nite, dinner with family at kfc
n mom had to help me with the wheelchair
>maklum la owg oku
malu lak ade mamat ensem kt sne
aww aww aww

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