Thursday, October 21, 2010

laundry oh laundry

gonna tell you ol bout what happen diz morning.
so funneh

**brunch at kedai makan kak ta ( mom's fren),
mom, angah, kak ani (pekerja umi) makan mengikut nafsu
poor me> i can ate porridge only coz of accident last week.
so makan pon kena pantang..hishhhh hate diz!
then went to market. *shopping groceries

**after that, went to d' baung laundry to pick up blazer, coat, jacket n sweater
( all belong to big brother )
unfortunately, the shop owner couldnt find those clothes.
sis n mom sent these items about 2 years ago.
n bcz of too bzy with their personal things, lupe nk amik
mmg ptt pon lau bju2 tu hilang ke kna jual ke @ shop owner tu nk dispose
look at mom (she's nerveous) hahahahaha

after a little bit " perang2 mulut" then jmpe la bju2 tu
tgh2 fighting tu, 1 thing across in my mind
we will sue this shop ggggrrrrr
hhahahahhaa yg xley bla bju2 tu dpn mata kterng jer..
da settle sume payment, ask for an apology.
sorry akak yer termarah2 lak..

**moral of the story:
dont send your clothes to laundry shop for a long time
dont be too lazy to clean your clothes.
Most important, mind your words! ):

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